Be Bold! 20 Ways To Bust Through Your Comfort ZoneEvery single big positive change in my life – the kind of change that propelled me to the next level of growth and upgraded my life significantly – has come at a cost. The cost was my sense of comfort and security for a period of time. Everything I’ve accomplished personally and professionally was prefaced by a decision or series of decisions that required boldness. I had to be bold in choosing uncertainty over the predictable. I had to be bold in letting go of the old and familiar to go after something new and unfamiliar. I had to be bold in imagining the possibilities without the promise of manifestation. I had to be bold to allow myself to feel fear, anxiety, and discomfort during that “in-between” time before you reach the unknown shores of the other side and find safety there. Of course many great things have happened in my life without boldness or discomfort. People I’ve encounter who enriched my life. Opportunities that spontaneously appeared on my doorstep. A sudden shift in my self-awareness as a result of reading or hearing something inspirational. But I’m willing to bet many of those seemingly spontaneous opportunities were somehow the result of a previous bold choice or action. Boldness has a trickle-down effect that continues to impact your life for years. Being bold seems like a fancy way of saying “feel the fear and do it anyway.” And that’s certainly part of the boldness equation. One of the definitions for the word bold that resonates most with me is this one: “beyond the usual limits of conventional thought or action; imaginative.” (Dictionary.com) Boldness requires imagination. It requires stretching your limits and pushing past the status quo in thought and action. This is more than just feeling fear and acting in spite of it.

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