How to Be Happier Without Really Trying – Tiny Buddha“Happiness is the absence of trying to strive for happiness.” ~Chuang Zi I sat in the café wondering why I wasn’t happy. I had been listening to all the happiness and self-help gurus. I was meditating every morning. I ate a healthy diet. I exercised four times a week. I was working hard on projects I was passionate about. I wasn’t wasting time and watching my life tick away. Yet, somehow, as I sat in the café, I wondered how I could have been “doing it all right” and yet everything felt incredibly wrong. There is no mistaking the feeling of being unhappy. I wasn’t quite sure where it originated, but I constantly felt exhausted, uninspired, and like the energy was being sucked from my body. I had this mantra constantly running through my head: if you only get one life, the solution is to cram as much stuff into it, every minute, and waste no time so that you will die fulfilled. But it just wasn’t working. So I did what we naturally do. I went to Google, the mystical tech god, to help show me why I wasn’t happy and to help figure out what to do. I tried all the usual suggestions.I started journaling and keeping a track of all my moments I was the most grateful for during the day. I started engaging in random acts of kindness; I would buy strangers’ coffee at Starbucks, pay for someone else’s toll, or leave a gift on someone’s windshield. I increased my meditation time to at least forty-five minutes per day, and focused on staying mindful throughout the day. But the big problem was still there; I felt stressed constantly, unhappy, and had the weird feeling that even though I wasn’t wasting any time, and was using my life wisely, I just wasn’t enjoying life that much.

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