The Brutal Reality of “Following Your Dreams” – That No One Talks AboutI get emails all the time from people telling me “If only I found my passion and purpose life would be so easy!”

… And I think these people are sometimes seriously deluded.

The implication in every single one of these emails is that “living your passion” is something that is easy. Just quit your job and follow your passion. Just work on your business and it will blow up if you love it enough and work hard enough.

But the reality is way less sexy. Let me tell you what reality looks like.What the reality of “making your dreams happen” looks like.

Daily hell schedule

I work 9-5 in my dayjob. I go right from work to the gym. I’m home around 6:30/7. I cook dinner. Then I work on my business for 3-5 hours. Then I sleep around midnight.

That’s my entire life right now.

5/6/7 days a week.

You know where you often find me on Friday and Saturday nights? Alone in a cafe working. (Today’s Friday, I’m going right from work to the gym for an hour, then right to a cafe until 9 pm for 3 hours of work before going out). I won’t be home before 10 pm. Guess what I do on my Saturday and Sunday afternoons? Freelance and meet clients for extra money (to travel), and work on my business and passion projects. Most weekends I set my alarm on Saturday, and Sunday.

Do I still get to travel? Yeah. In fact, this year I took four vacations. Two of them were international trips (costa rica & thailand). I actually spent about 8 weeks on vacation this year, maybe more.

But the truth is that it’s really goddamn exhausting. I’m not saying this to try and discourage you or anything.

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