To promote the debut of ‘Last Call at the Oasis’ on pivot, the Change the Course campaign to save the Colorado River has released a pair of quirky new PSAs.


This just in: Swimming in pools without water is exactly as (not) fun as you thought it would be. (Photo: Screengrab/Life Is Awkward)

In the 2012 water crisis documentary Last Call at the Oasis activist Erin Brockovich—memorably played by Julia Roberts in the eponymous biopic—stands before a packed room of sickened citizens in Midland, Texas, and flatly says, “I am telling you, Superman is not coming.”

While she was referring to the Environmental Protection Agency’s inability to regulate hexavalent chromium in Midland’s groundwater—that’s the very same petro-chemical she unearthed in Hinkley, California, in the 1990s—her tough-to-swallow warning could have very well doubled as the film’s tag line.

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