How To Live In The MomentThis article ended up being long, but it’s worth your time, I promise you that. You see, you want to live in the moment, but something is keeping you from it. Why? And what is it? This article covers these questions. So here’s the good news: you’re already in the moment so you can quit worrying about living in it. Aren’t you in the moment already? Is there a moment that is happening right now? And are you within that moment? Yes. So clearly there could never be a ‘how to’ for living in the moment – that’s the bad news (yes I realize the title of this article is not accurate – it was intentional) – Actually, you don’t even have a choice whether you’re in this moment or not. This moment is happening, you are in it. Moments will continue on happening for the rest of your life, and you will be within them for the rest of your life. After that, who knows. But until then, this is reality. There is a moment happening, and you are in that bitch. Get it? So why is this such a common thing people say: “how do I just be in the moment!”? This isn’t just a semantic wordsmith game. It’s important to realize what you’re really after. After all, the chances of stumbling into what you really want goes down dramatically if you haven’t clearly defined what it is that you’re after. Isn’t that true? Here’s what you really want – you want your chattering egoic mind to shut the hell up. That’s what you want. The humming echo of bad emotions, the chattering imagination box of ‘things to do’ or regrets, or fears. That little asshole is messing up your life. That little asshole is taking over your moments.

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