How to Listen to Your Intuition Even When You’re too Busy to Hear” The only real valuable thing is intuition.” – Albert Einstein I wrote an article for The Change Blog titled, ” 5 Ways to Discover and Nurture Your Intuitive Voice,” where I told the story of how I quit a lousy job and took six months off from work to travel, and in the process found my intuitive voice. A woman named Judy posted a comment in response that stuck with me. Judy wrote that my article made her somewhat jealous. She was a mother of two in her 40s who didn’t have the luxury of going on an eat-pray-love trip around the world to find herself, nor did she feel as though she was in a position to take serious risks due to her family responsibilities. Well, Judy, I got one thing to say to you: “Great point.” My article was shortsighted with regard to those who have substantial responsibilities (such as raising children). So, I’ve written this follow-on post with 5 additional tips on how to listen to your intuition even when your plate is so full the food is falling off. First, I’d like to underscore that even though I learned some valuable life lessons on my eat-pray-love trip around the world, it was no vacation. I would sit at quaint outdoor cafés in Madrid sipping café con leche with the resplendent sun overhead while wallowing in guilt and anxiety because I wasn’t doing something more constructive with my time. I had taken six months off work to travel because I wanted to escape a miserable job, but sadly, the discontent followed me to each and every outdoor café I visited. I realized too late that I didn’t want to stop working, I wanted to stop doing work I didn’t love to do. The truth is I enjoy working. And if I travel, I want to feel as though I earned it. If you’re an especially busy person with massive responsibilities, you probably can’t attempt to escape your problems as I did. But you must resist getting so busy with daily life and caring for others that you neglect your own needs. Let’s return to Judy’s comment. Her final sentence was: “[Despite my reservations] I will try your steps and see if I can somehow improve my situation in less drastic ways.” That was beautifully said. Listening to your intuition can include everything from eating more vegetables to quitting your job. If you’re unclear what I mean by intuition, I’ll offer a few definitions. The more science-minded will prefer Dr. Helen Fisher’s take that your intuition is a form of unconscious reasoning that is rooted in the way your brain collects and stores information. A more spiritual definition offered by Deepak Chopra is that intuition is intelligence beyond the rational mind that gathers information from universal intelligence. However you define it, your intuition is your internal guidance system, living your life with you, and knowing exactly how busy you are, your level of risk aversion, and the balance of your checking account. In short, your intuition will never guide you to a place that is outside the parameters of your comfort zone.

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