Confessions of An EgoI am Sam’s ego, and I’m an actor/stage performer and I need to confess a few things. First of all, it’s not-all-that good to meet you because I don’t really care about you (let’s be honest here). You see, I only care about myself. If you can help me out I’ll pay you lots of attention. If you can enhance me, I’ll even show you what some misperceive as ‘love.’ I’ll put on a show for you. Don’t tempt me – I’ll do it! I’ll make you laugh. I’ll make you smile. I’ll do whatever it takes to end up being enhanced and reinforced. So let’s get real, this is about an exchange. I’ll put on the show, if you reinforce me or gratify me in some way. Pretty straight forward right? Now let’s do a deal. Let me tell you about my skills: I am a very good actor. So good in fact, I almost always get completely ‘lost’ in the roles I play. When that annoying asshole ‘real Sam’ goes missing, I put on a full show. Even if there’s no official audience, it’s practice time. I start conjuring up all sorts of scenarios. Sometimes while I’m busy with this, I can even trick myself with how good my acting is. I practice my lines over and over and over, and lots of times they are the dark scenes of sadness. But like all acting, the show can only last so long. If I’m not getting the accolades I was originally after, I’ll step off that particular stage and look for a new place to perform. I’ll start practicing new lines. I need attention and I deserve credit, dammit. And can you blame me? I’m a big f***ing deal.

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