How to Embrace Your Fears and Live a Meaningful Life (A Simple but Not Easy 5 Step Process)My knees are stiff, my back aches, my neck is in pain. Do I really need to wake up right now? It’s 5am. My mind wanders for a second, but I already know the answer. If I want to live my dream, then yes, I have to wake up. So I get out of bed, stare out the window, and smile. 4 years ago, I did not believe this life was possible. What is Success? Let me back up for a moment. My name is Izzy. It’s nice to meet you. About 4 years ago, at the age of 26, I seemed to have it made. I was a middle school science teacher. I was in the midst of getting a masters degree in education. I would soon be qualified to run my own school. I was making more money every year. My resume looked fantastic. Friends, family, coworkers… everyone was impressed. But there was a problem. The Tears I Could No Longer Hide It was the middle of a Saturday. The emotions were too strong. I pulled over. And the tears came falling down. Questions came to my mind. Scary questions, questions I could no longer hide from: Why do you feel this? What are you going to do? Are You Telling Your Truth? I could no longer deny it, fake it, or “put on a face”. Here was my reality: I hated my life. I was depressed, anxious, and stressed. Night after night, lying awake at 2am unable to fall asleep. Crying by myself. Crying to my parents. What am I going to do? As you read this, you may feel compelled to have sympathy. Please don’t. There is no need. In fact, those tears, that stress, the insomnia… was one of the greatest gifts of my life.

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