In offering you a paper, we discuss on a very current topic that excites the minds of many people today – is the use of man’s brain. Already for quite some time, it is believed that a person uses his brain only 10%. However, in our time, this view has been refuted by many researchers, so that it passed into the category of so-called myths.127

Speaking of this myth more specifically, it can be said that opinions about 10% different: some scholars are inclined to believe that the person uses the brain is not 10%, and 7%, others say that ordinary people use the brain generally only 5% and 10% – only genius such as, for example, Albert Einstein. There is also a hypothesis that somehow a person can use to increase the performance of your brain. But be that as it may, now the percentage of brain use, according to the myth, is negligible in comparison with all its possibilities.

As one of the versions of the origin of this myth are the work of two philosophers – William James and William James Sidis, Boris. Back in 1890, they developed the theory of the accelerated development of the child. Subjects had a son, William James Sidis Boris William William James Sidis. As a result, their performance IQ level prodigy reached the maximum score of 250-300. William himself said that people use the potential of their brain at a minimum, and Professor James said that this minimum is just 10%.

There is a second version of the origin myth – a misunderstanding or incorrect interpretation held at the turn of XIX-XX centuries neurobiological research. For example, a large number of functions of the brain is so difficult to learn and understand that the consequences of any damage not evident, which greatly complicates the understanding of the scholars of their appointment. Psychology professor James Kalat points out that in the first half of the XX century, neuroscientists have known the specific “local” neurons, but their functions were unknown. It could also serve as the reason for the appearance before us of the 10% myth.

Even today, when science and technology have reached the highest level, as a function of several parts of the brain sufficiently studied, remain a mystery, some features of the interaction of cells, which leads to frustration and complex behavior. However, the most difficult to understand is the question of how, through the joint work of the brain is formed consciousness. No single point of conscious activity is not defined, so scientists and minds are inclined to believe that consciousness – is the result of joint work of all departments.

Turning to the development of intelligence, it is worth noting that with the help of certain exercises it really can be developed, but the idea of ​​a partial use of the brain does not have a serious reason. Here we must again note that the arguments presented are based on the opinion of scientists to refute the idea of ​​10% and may differ from the opinions of both its supporters and the author of this article. So: according to recent data, all the parts of the brain are responsible for the performance of its functions and any such part was not so far been found, which did not respond to nothing. Additionally, positron emission studies and magnetic resonance imaging have shown that even in a state of sleep all the areas of the brain are active and inactive regions may be present only in case of serious damage.

Now, you can talk directly to a refutation of the myth of 10% utilization of the brain. American neuroscientist Barry Gordon, for example, said that the myth of 10% is wrong and absurd. In proof of this he cites several reasons. Firstly, if the unused part of the brain is damaged, then his work should not be violated, but even minor damage causes malfunctions. Secondly, brain function – this is a very energy-intensive process, so 90% of those of the brain that the person is not used, over time would simply disappear – brain would become smaller. Thirdly, by tomography have found that the inactive areas of the brain occurs only as a result of damage. And, fourthly, as has been said, every part of the brain performs its function, and “not working” card simply has not been found.

Neuroscientist and psychologist Barry Beyershteyen, in turn, also results in a number of arguments that refute the myth of 10%.

The study of brain damage have shown that even minor injuries can lead to serious consequences. This suggests that the non-active areas of the brain simply can not be, because would otherwise be damaged in any way on the brain is not affected.
Because the brain requires an enormous amount of oxygen and almost 20% of all energy which is in man’s disposal, in the case of a “free” 90% of the brain during the evolution of the advantage would be on the side of those who have the least, but the most effective brain. Other individuals simply could not withstand the conditional