4 Ways to Gain Strength from a StruggleI’m quite familiar with the struggles life can bring. Here are a few I’ve been through: fights with close family and not spoken to them in years depression & anxiety while taking care of my 2 kids who were both under 1 year old overweight abusive relationships my marriage has fallen apart struggled with low self-esteem since childhood my husband and I separated; I had no money and had to move out on my own with our new born baby when I did move into my own place all I owned were some clothes and a mattress was in $100k debt and told to start making repayments while going through depression, looking after my new born and I was unemployed People have gone through a lot worse than this so really I’m pretty lucky. When I was going through these struggles I would have traded anything for it to have been me but now looking back I wouldn’t have it any other way. I became stronger and it brought me to the life I live and love now. I would like to share what my life looks like now not to sound superior but to give you hope through your struggles. So here’s my life now: all of my relationships with my family are healthy I’ve overcome depression & anxiety lost weight and at my ideal size eat healthy & exercise regularly my relationship with my lover has never been so connected I’m debt-free I have a beautiful home with beautiful furniture right on the beach I have high self-confidence and self-esteem I love life Here are 4 ways you can gain strength from a struggle. 1. You can realise who really cares for you. The hard times revealed who really cared for me by being there in my times of desperation.

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