The Road to Happiness Is Closer Than You May RealizeHow could we be so unsighted when it comes to seeing the beauty found deep inside our precious lives? It’ s like we become so numb to our surroundings that we become blind when it comes to seeing the light that we exude every day that we are alive. We become attracted to the dark side and all the negativity in this world begins to pull us in. Our minds become littered with our dreams; they become broken and tattered. The pain, the guilt and the feeling of being let down return to our heads. No matter where we go or what we do, they always seem to come back. They keep on getting louder, it is as if we can’t even hear our own voices anymore. Where is that glowing light that will guide us to the right path? I often wonder if there is even a light. It is our job to find this light, no one else’s. But, I know for me, it is definitely going to be a long to journey to that place of ease that may come from within. However, I am persistent in believing that my recovering from an eating disorder is possible. In fact, anything is possible.Sometimes I think that we just might feel that for every good thing that happens to us, the bad one finds its way to jump right in. But, maybe it’s just be an illusion in our puzzled heads. I mean what is right, and what is wrong? We seem to have come to the point in which we almost have forgotten which one is which. I have to think and remember that there must be dawn before sunrise, there must be pain before we heal. Why must we have to hit that rock bottom to realize that we must make a change? You see, this rock bottom might actually be what brings happiness into our lives. It was not until I acknowledged the fact that my life was being wasted away into what is known as anorexia and bulimia, that I knew my happiness was gone.

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