On 17th September 2012  the Inspiring Shipments blog reached another milestone on its journey. Three years ago was the first time I wrote her first post. Here are three main lessons she shares:


#1 You are enough

Seriously, if there is one thing you should remember from hanging around IS blog is this: You are enough. You are a lovely human being. One of a kind. Cherish yourself, your story and your experiences. You have so much to offer to the world. We need your authenticity, vulnerability and compassion around here. Simply be you and accept yourself with all your flaws, mistakes and screw ups you have done along the way. We are all guilty of it. We all have ghosts and fears . So, just look at the mirror and note that every great journey starts right there…with that beautiful human being staring at you. Be nice and gentle to yourself, like you would be to anyone who you truly care about. You have got it all, so do not be scared to be you.

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