Art by jiashu xu ©

“There’s a dream I keep having,“ Sheridan whispered into the telephone. “ has always been the same—until tonight.”

“And what happened tonight?” asked Lil’ John.

Sheridan hesitated, his words stumbling out in tentative phrases: “The man in my dream . . . he spoke to me for the first time . . . he told me of a sacred gift that had been lost . . . a gift that could save the world.”

“Your dream,” John urged gently. “Is the gods conspiring to give you freedom, just like the elders sang that night in the Sundance ceremony:”

When worlds collide there sounds a tolling
A call to rise and seize the moment
The gods conspire to give us freedom
When worlds collide the journey has begun    

Sheridan pulled at the collar of his t-shirt, Lil’ John’s words suffocating him. Pushing back from the precipice of dread, Sheridan strained to speak, his husky words weak and staggering: “What are you saying?”

“Your search for the sacred gift has already begun . . .”


Art by Cornelia Kopp aka AlicePopkorn