3 Lies to Eliminate to Start Living Up to Your Potential – Tiny Buddha“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” ~Abraham Lincoln I used to think that I would motivate myself to really live up to my full potential by reminding myself how much I wasn’t. Well, that didn’t work. Not that I didn’t get any results from chanting “You are so not living up to your full potential!” while getting out of bed, driving to work, doing the dishes, and combing my hair. Any time was a great time to remind myself. So I didn’t waste a second doing just that. And I got results. Only not the ones I expected. I became an expert on mindlessly browsing the web. I became an expert on constantly comparing myself to other people. I became an expert on feeling stuck. I became an expert on driving myself crazy with my non-stop “you are so stuck” chatter in my mind. I felt drained, stuck, and low on energy; these were my daily companions. So it shouldn’t be any wonder I grew less and less fond of my so-called motivational mantra that was doing anything but, well, motivating. I’ve realized that living up to our full potential starts with eliminating three big lies: Lie # 1. It’s productive to beat ourselves up about not living up to our full potential. When we spend all our energy telling ourselves we’re not doing good enough, we have very little time and energy left to look inside. Don’t get me wrong, I was very busy. I was very busy searching for my full potential. I read tons of books. I completed lots of quizzes to find my true talents and the right job for me. I browsed the job section of newspapers. I looked at what other people were doing.

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