Take Charge, by Emily MadillMarch 2, 2014 “Never underestimate the power of you. You are the architect of your future. Design it however you desire.” – Danielle Maylyn This week’s Confidence Booster is to rekindle your personal power. It’s something each and every one of us has the ability to harness. I view personal power as the guidance system I utilize to follow the path that feels right for me. Tapping into my personal power leaves me feeling good about who I am, and hopeful that I can handle whatever stands before me. There are still times when I veer off the path, or allow the noise of life and voices of others to extinguish my own. This is when it’s most important to remember I am the ‘one and only’ in control of how I choose to look at life and react to situations in my life. I ultimately have the last say in how I process every situation, and that is empowering! I can either be the superhero of my life and view myself and events in my life through the lens that I am the designer; Or, I can fall victim to what I believe isn’t going as planned and as such feel helpless in creating change. When put in this light, it’s so much more appealing to put on my cape and take charge of my life and future. This mindset can be applied to big decisions or roadblocks, as well as how we travel through day to day life. The best part is, it’s yours by design. So bust out your best superhero ensemble and have fun taking charge of your life and happiness! ‘Believe In Yourself’ ~ Emily

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