The Life Out Loud: You Are an Artist (Yes, You)Posted: Print Article When Whitney Freya was a little girl, all she wanted was to be an artist. But at age 9, a careless teacher told her, “While you have a great eye for color and balance, you can’t draw.” And with that remark, Whitney shelved her multi-colored pastel and watercolor dreams (as so many of us do). “I thought I hadn’t inherited the ‘artistic gene,'” she sighed. It wasn’t until she graduated from college that Whitney opened up to idea that maybe she could paint. Now the challenge she faced was finding an art class. Local universities all required prerequisites. An art center in Charleston, N.C., where she was living at the time, said she’d missed the registration deadline, and classes didn’t begin again for another 13 weeks. The good news is, her difficultly finding an adult art class gave Whitney her “aha moment” for starting her own business. She could open a creative fitness center! “Why isn’t there a place where people can go to work out their right brain muscle, just like they go to the YMCA for work out their bodies?” Whitney asked herself. And that’s how Creatively Fit was born. “I aligned with a message from above that, yes, this is what I was supposed to do,” Whitney said. She opened her first art center in Nashville less than a year later. It was a hit. It also brought Whitney great joy to watch her students, young and old, accessing their right brains and bringing their creative visions to life. Furthermore, running Creatively Fit forced Whitney to address her own insecurities. “You can’t own an art center and say you suck at art,” she laughed. “I had no choice but to blow right through my self-doubts.”

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