Your Inner Voice Will Lead You to Wholeness


We’ve created a culture of leaving people feeling as though they’re missing something. We’ve created a collective belief that, as a community and as an individual, we are not whole, nor okay.

We’ve created a commercial system that grows fat and comfortable on promoting these feelings of lack and fragmentation. We’ve bought the idea that we can consume something or someone that can leave us feeling more whole.

In the midst of our chaos of un-wholeness, we’ve created deep poverty. More than lacking material resources, deep poverty lives in our feelings and thoughts of lack — lack of ability, of confidence, and of agency — and our disbelief that we can make a plan and change our lives. This mindset can affect the materially poor and rich alike, and it’s from this place that we’ve created the material poverty of our world, and our cultural messages of lack.

Business and culture, excitingly, just as they helped shape these problems, are also powerful spaces to transform deep poverty. There is enormous potential within these spaces to create shifts away from these cultural and economic messages of lack and fear. In this moment, there is so much space and need for actions of abundance; we are desperately in need of people and businesses who actively invest in their own inherent wholeness, and ours. These positive entities are our tools for cultural and economic transformation, and their messages of abundance and of truth are integral for us to heal.

I invite you to take a moment now and feel that place inside you that believes in your own un-wholeness. Sense the amazing transformational power that pain contains… Trust that in working to heal your own beliefs of un-wholeness, you have the power to transform your whole world.