Art by H.Kopp-Delaney ©


How You Can Increase Your Self EsteemDo you ever wonder how you can increase your self esteem? It’s something that we’re born with but eeks away as we get older. I hope that all children are like this one in the photograph. I love this picture of the little boy being a super hero. It reminds me of my daughter who’s almost 4. She’s a dynamo – funny, bright, loving, exhausting – all of the things you’d expect an (almost) 3 year old to be. She also has amazing levels of self esteem. I look a her sometimes as she tells me she’s Queen Maya (She’s bypassed the mere princess stage – she’s gone straight to the power!) and marvel at the unquestioning belief that she can really do whatever she wants to – which can lead to some interesting discussions when I have to inform her that No, she can’t have another cookie, or go to the zoo at 7pm or have her own way about everything and anything! Now every parent of a toddler knows that there is a very steep learning curve for them to ‘get’ that they can’t have everything they desire, won’t be able to do every single thing they put their minds to, and will regret eating all of the ice cream in the tub if you let them. It’s what leads to tears, tantrums and flouncing off to the naughty step (yes, my daughter takes herself to the naughty step when she’s cross!) But there’s also something so mesmerizing, so joyful about her absolute self belief that I want her to keep as much of as possible. I want her to know that she’s wonderful, capable, loved and filled with possibilities – and if she occasionally stamps her foot when it doesn’t go her way then that’s OK too.

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