Product Progression

  1. The birth of the brand

    Digital Discovery

    Digital Media Offline and Online – It all begins with immersive digital media discovered online breadcrumbs scattered on social media that lead to an interactive, music infused, podcast series where the story is revealed.

  2. Ebooks, Audio Books and Soundtracks All Mixed Up

    Mixed Media

    As the “Discoverers” become brand advocates the first book goes mainstream driven by the passion and viral affect of the “Discoverers” with interactive ebooks, music infused audio books and narrative embedded soundtracks. The products interface with online content that helps identify the customer and serve them with bonus material and affiliated products.

  3. The magic leaps from screens to the real world

    Concerts Create Community

    A community comes together as they meet at offline events powered by interactive high tech and media. Concerts & events bring the story alive and creates a community of advocates.

  4. a
    Original Productions

    Movies or Subscription TV

    An elaborate on demand series or feature film are produced to bring the story to life and broaden the audience. Funding risks are alleviated by knowing the audience and connecting with their interests. A new soundtrack revitalizes the music with a new sound and new artists.

  5. New video pods are discovered

    Second Release is Launched

    New video pods are discovered and shared amongst members of the League of the SOS Codex. The League is challenged to understand their meaning and find if there are more . . .  and so the second book of the trilogy is discovered.

  6. Technology Reveals New Video Pods from the Future

    Third Release Cycle Begins

  7. Technology Reveals New Video Pods from the Future

    Third Release Cycle Begins