Digital Marketing & Media Leader

Product DevelopmentBrand ManagementCreative Project Management

Award-winning professional with a passion for developing and executing creative and effective cross-platform media and marketing solutions. Possessing an entrepreneurial spirit, an aptitude for leading change in a complex environment, acumen in providing high-level digital counsel to senior management, and the ability to make decisions and move to action with a hands-on approach. An experienced marketer who is at the forefront of the digital and mobile evolution and prepared to take a company and/or their clients to a leadership position.



Brand Management • Product Development • Leadership • Digital Marketing

Media Convergence • Turnarounds & Start-ups • Online Broadcasting

Account Management • Project Management • Client Services

Communication • Interactive Media Campaigns




  • Creative force of Internet startup establishing bureaus on numerous college campuses and scoring celebrity interviews, red carpet events and behind the scenes shoots. Crafted irreverent and informative series of online reports on presidential campaigns. Directed the online broadcasting of the X-Games and facilitated student produced content.
  • Implemented a branding strategy that targeted specific age groups and their interests, resulting in several undervalued brands outperforming their peak sales history by as much as 500%.
  • Key member of turnaround team to re-launch media/marketing company out of bankruptcy achieving status as a top niche provider, within three years, with 10 million in revenue.
  • Successfully launched 15 new media/marketing projects that received numerous industry awards and achieved top 20 within their respective categories – including five in the top five and seven in the top ten.
  • Doubled market share one year, moving from the eighth largest within a key media product category, in 1997, to the fourth largest in 1998 – and finally, to  #1 in 1999.
  • Created an immersive experience targeting Cultural Creatives with transmedia hooks tethered to an online affinity channel that builds brand equity for a host of product and service offerings.





  • A business-minded strategic digital marketing and media thinker, collegial, proactive and energized by the challenge of building new entities, products and campaigns.
  • Plans and implements interactive media campaigns including: CPM, CPC and CPL media placements
, search engine marketing
, email
-rich media and online video placements

  • A proven track record of success driving strategy behind effective digital marketing and media campaigns – from brand awareness to demand generation to conversion.
  • Leads the creation of emerging interactive media campaigns including: instant text messaging
, content sponsorships
, mobile and text marketing
, viral and blog marketing
, as well as buzz marketing.
  • Accustomed to working with traditional media and applying interactive marketing and media solutions to overall objectives
  • Leads digital channel management efforts – PPC, SEO, CRM, email and social media.
  • Develops mobile, tablet and application-specific initiatives.



  • Engineered turnaround of failing division by implementing fundamental metrics that led to profitability in one year and to becoming the most profitable division in second year.
  • Founding member of team that launched a business unit that garnered significant success in every product category, with top 20, top ten and top five positions attained in the first two years.
  • Restructured marketing approach away from traditional silo’s of specialists to an integrated, cross-functional team allowing for more cost effective online solutions and increased responsiveness.
  • Leveraged underfunded product development budget with partnership strategy that eliminated costly advances, reduced risk through cost sharing, lowered breakeven threshold and increased revenues.
  • Actively provided relevant information about trends in digital media to stakeholders.
  • Responsible for oversight of all program and project budgets, including staffing and resource requirements. Plays substantial role in management of department resources across accounts and/or projects.
  • At a time when sister companies and competitors were failing at an extraordinary rate, company became recognized by the industry trade magazine as the largest within the category.
  • Core contributor to strategic initiatives. Articulates departmental and company view on customer segmentation, channel strategy, media strategy tactics and execution. Ensures that strategies align with objectives and objectives of projects are met.



  • Leads agency and vendor relationship management, including negotiations and project assignments (task, timing and costs).
  • Manages the evaluation of marketing vendors and service providers.
  • Develops internal and external communication of digital marketing plans and results, including presentation to executive leadership.
  • Assumes a substantial role on the core client team(s) to identify issues, develop new business opportunities and assist in development of new client relationships.



  • Initiated innovative partnerships that attracted established products to partner and form successful, new brand extensions.
  • Collaborated with video gamers, web developers, eBook developers and screen play writers to create a brand focused Story-World targeting Cultural Creatives that has attracted the interest of film companies and top music producers, resulting in key partnerships with eBook companies, transmedia industry leaders and self discovery publishers.
  • Developed multiple brand identities for various products that drove marketing and sales strategies.




            WIND OF EPIPHANY MEDIA                                                2010 – Present

            Vice President, Creative

A new breed of digital media company that creates unique story-worlds with transmedia hooks that tether music infused eBooks to an online affinity channel creating brand equity that can be harvested across multiple platforms and formats.



President, LR and GM, L2R

Re-launched business unit with innovative partnerships, cross-silo staff structure and agency style in-house marketing structure.


            CAMPUSVIBE.COM                                                            1999 – 2001

            Vice President, Creative

Envisioned and directed the development of a streaming video website, geared to college students.     






Pursued Bachelors of Arts Degree

            GPA: 3.5