Song of Shambhala: Book of Songs

SHERIDAN CLARK, 30s, good looks haunted by regret, receives a vacancy notice on his tiny shop in Manhattan that deals in ancient books, music and artifacts.  Sheridan is an expert in antiquities relating to music, and the former conductor of the Vatican choir; but he has fallen on hard times.  EVAN GRANT, 45 and two large BODYGUARDS enter Sheridan’s store.  Evan is one of the few people in the world with a copy of Sheridan’s unpublished book about the Baton of Shambhala, an ancient artifact said to be used by the Archangel Lucifer to direct the chorus of heaven before his fall from grace.

At the U.N. headquarters in New York, Evan Grant shows Sheridan startling evidence that the world is on the brink of environmental chaos and war.  Evan has a hidden city inside MOUNT KAILASH – the city of Shambhala, the final resting place of the baton!  Evan wants Sheridan to recover the baton before it falls into enemy hands and plunges the world into war. Sheridan reluctantly agrees to recover the baton for Evan, and no more.

Across the globe, Sheridan is led to the underground city by KUNCHEN, a young Tibetan monk.  Sheridan climbs the narrow stone steps of the King’s Tower and faces down its guardian: THE Giant Parodarsh, a flesh-eating giant rooster.

Sheridan retrieves the BATON, goes into a trance and is visited by the Ageless Sage who has haunted his dreams for years.  The Sage reveals Sheridan’s true quest: to recover the Song of Shambhala.  Sheridan must find the three sacred Chintamani stones to fit into the grooves of the baton, and the Song will be revealed.  He has only until the time of “The Last Sunset.” to complete the task, or the world will be plunged into darkness.

Evan tries to hold the baton but gets burned; only Sheridan can hold it.  Evan forces Sheridan to journey with him to the Middle East where Sheridan aids the teenage PRINCE ROSHAN in plucking the first jewel from the Well of Osiris.  But the Prince is actually a PRINCESS, and for her own safety she must flee with Sheridan into the desert on horseback.

Sheridan and the scrappy PRINCESS ROSHAN are caught by REYNARD, 50, and his Special Forces troops from the Vatican.  Now Reynard forces them to take him to Machu Picchu, where exploration is supervised by Sheridan’s beautiful ex-wife GRACIELA.  A flashback reveals that Sheridan and Graciela’s young son, Jimmy, 6, died in the hospital and their relationship was destroyed.  Reynard forces them at gunpoint to lead him to the “Sun Gate” on Machu Picchu, leading to Sheridan making a powerful discovery: he can blast force beams from the baton!  He takes out Reynard’s men but Reynard puts a gun to Graciela’s head, gaining the upper hand.  They are saved by Oscar, leader of the Peruvian Q’ero rebels, but Reynard escapes with the first Chintamani Stone.

Oscar takes Sheridan to see CantantE Curanderas, the Healing Singer, an unassuming young Peruvian woman with mystical powers.  She helps him to glimpse his inner peace, and gifts him with the second Chintamani stone.

They discover the Last Sunset is an environmental doomsday date just seven days away!

Evan Grant and his forces arrive in a U.N. helicopter and try to take the baton from Sheridan, leading to an action sequence in which Sheridan uses the baton to create a force shield and to take out the helicopter but Evan manages to get away with the second stone.

Sheridan visits Cairo Egypt to enlist the aid of scholar and singer TAHIRA and GAVIN, a celebrity archeologist and author. Gavin uncovers symbols on the baton that describe SEVEN GATES on Sheridan’s journey – clues that lead to the Gate of Death hit close to home.

Meanwhile, Reynard and the evil CARDINAL CAPANEUS launch a coup in the Vatican and mobilize forces for an offensive to gain the baton. The U.N. erupts in chaos in reaction to the worsening situation around the globe.

Sheridan travels to Ireland to team up with his old friend PROFESSOR TAITE, 50s, to find the third stone.  They search the TOMB OF TEA TEPHI, the Jewish princess who became the most honored queen in Irish history, and deduce that Tea Tephi cast the stone to the wind, creating the WIND OF EPIPHANY.

Sheridan meets the beautiful Irish lass AISLING, who teaches him Celtic secrets and leads him to the majestic Cliffs of Moher where he plucks the third Chintamani stone from the wind!  With the third stone in the base of the baton, Sheridan levitates and blasts force beams of white light.  He is ready to fight the forces of darkness and they learn of Cardinal Capaneus plans to intimate the world religions into unifying into one religion under his control at a religious conference at the HAGIA SOPHIA MOSQUE in Instanbul.

A GOLDEN ASTROLABE gifted to Sheridan by Princess Roshan’s mother leads Sheridan to the ancient city of SHIBAM in Yemen where Reynard finally captures him and imprisons him. But the Wind of Epiphany comes to Sheridan’s rescue freeing him from his cell and injuring Reynard underneath the collapsed prison. Sheridan rescues Reynard turning his heart from foe to friend with the act of kindness.

Sheridan returns to Shibam and crosses a portal into the timeless monastery of the SAGES OF DAMCAR where he finds Kunchen waiting for him. The secrets of the prophecy of the Seven Gates, the identities of the Seven Sleepers and the source of the Song of Shambhala are revealed.

Armed with secret knowledge, Sheridan confronts Cardinal Capaneus in the Hagia Sophia Mosque challenging the cardinal’s overt display of violent power with an act of nonviolence that defeats Cardinal Capaneus, driving him into an alliance with Evan Grant.

Evan lures Sheridan to the Ishak Pasa palace in Turkey, in the rocky plateaus underneath Mount Ararat, where he holds Graciela hostage. The final battle occurs at the ruins of the Ishak Pasa palace in Turkey, in the rocky plateaus underneath Mount Ararat, where Cardinal Capaneus stands by his side in an alliance of church and state.

But when surrendered to Evan Grant the Chintamani stone embedded in the baton disappears in a whirlwind of diamond dust. Then, with only two stones remaining, Evan Grants true intentions are revealed and the two fight to the finish with Chintamani-charged supernatural powers in the skies over the Ishak Pasa palace. As a triumphant Evan Grant attempts to claim the Chintamani stone from Cardinal Capaneus limp body Princess Roshan intervenes and recovers the stone. Evan Grant threatens to destroy Princess Roshan but finds himself outnumbered when seven miniature whirlwinds of diamond dust form Chintamani stones in all seven of Sheridan’s companion’s hands.

Then setting the Chintamani stones in the scepter and placing Evan Grants hands on the baton, Sheridan reveals that the true power of the baton is that it reveals the essence of each person‘s true nature, the divine spark, the Song of Shambhala.