Business Summary

Wind of Epiphany Media

One Line Pitch: Wind of Epiphany Media is a new breed of digital media company that will employ a “Story and Song” transmedia product strategy to become the market leader in entertainment media targeting Cultural Creatives.

Business Summary: The WEM mission is to launch proprietary personal growth franchises in a lower risk digital marketplace with a “Story and Song” transmedia product strategy offering digital media, with deep web-based information sources underlying each “product,” tethered to an online affinity channel designed to establish brand equity that can be harvested across multiple platforms and formats.

Management: Phillip R. White comes has more than 25+ years of music production and product development with thirteen years of label management and two years of website development.  As a long time record executive, singer and songwriter with a passion to inspire personal empowerment, Phillip has invested several years to develop and author a song-infused novel that represents a new business model for media.

Opportunity: Ebooks are beating out games in the app store.  Ebooks sales are expected to reach US $3 billion by 2015. Ereader and tablet sales continue to climb, as 49% of consumers in the U.S. plan to buy a tablet in the next three years. At the same time, a renaissance of values has given birth to a mushrooming segment of 80 million Cultural Creatives for whom values of social responsibility, self-actualization and spirituality trump money.

Customer Problem: Customers turn away from books and music in favor of the engagement of video games and social networking while Cultural Creatives are unable to find entertainment that reflects their values.

Product/Services: Utilizing a brand building product strategy that employs Convergence, Community and Co- Creation, we have developed a music-infused novel entitled Song of Shambhala with transmedia hooks that tether it to an online website and social network. With the Song of Shambhala story spine serving as the community engine, the mobile discovery advantages of ebook apps introduce the reader to a brand ecosystem that includes related content, a B2B affiliate products hub and a lifestyle magazine of curated content. This strategy makes use of the low costs of digital content and distribution while creating a network effect that builds brand equity that can be harvested with branded products, tours, events, conferences, television programs and films.

Target Market: WEM will target the $500 billion Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) market with “story & song” digital media geared to appeal to the over 90 million Cultural Creatives market segment. The self actualization needs of Baby Boomers entering the “Fall of Life” combined with the value system of Gen Y will drive this burgeoning market.

Customers:  First, WEM will provide consumers a more immersive entertainment experience with its proprietary works.  Next, WEM will create cross-media and transmedia solutions for legacy media companies and meaningful marketing strategies for corporations.

Sales and Marketing Strategies: Digital media has strong viral potential. To ignite viral marketing we will employ a battery of online tools that include an active presence on social networking sites, targeted web banner ads, shareable ebook widgets and music players, quote sharing features in our free ebook and mobile eBook apps. Free music downloads will also encourage “share with a friend” features as well as the ability to share on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and MySpace. Involvement will be encouraged with video contests, online music remix tools, “share your story” blogs and other social networking tools.

Phase I: Release of eBook app for iPad, soundtrack and free Kindle eBook; online marketing tools.

Phase II: Release Android version and expanded website features and social network; add radio promotion and music video.

Phase III: Launch tour and licensed merchandise. Develop feature film and TV programs.

NOTE:  The launch and expense behind each phase will be determined by the level of success in the previous phase. With this response-based approach, WEM will more accurately target its efforts and control its sales and marketing costs.

Business Model: Revenue will primarily derive from sales of digital content (e.g. ebooks, online music…) via direct sales and affiliate product sales.  Additional revenue (with successful growth of fan base) will come from licensing, tour ticket sales, merchandise, website advertising, creative & “meaningful marketing” services.

Competitors: Publishers and record labels currently view digital media as a means for repurposing their existing models. With artists and authors owning the fan relationship, publishers and labels have no way of identifying their customers. Neither labels nor publishers have the expertise or experience to develop fully integrated “Story and Song” products, instead using rich media as add-on bonus content. Most importantly no label has a product line consistently targeting the values of Cultural Creatives, and, while publishers regularly release self help books, they have failed to create a community of fans.

Competitive Advantage: With digital media leveling the playing field, WEM will target underserved Cultural Creatives with our unique “Story & Song” mixed media digital products tethered to online communities.  An immersive customer experience and a social network platform for personal expression will establish our WOM reputation and distinction. Low risk digital delivery and a powerful online/offline marketing strategy will give us the advantages of lower upfront costs and elimination of exposure to returns over our competition while enhancing the ultimate goal of creating a continuing bond with our customer.

In Conclusion: For an initial investment comparable to what a major label would invest in a single new release, Wind of Epiphany Media has the potential to become what Pixar is to Disney, a creative powerhouse that tells inspiring stories empowered by music, a franchise developer for the Cultural Creatives consumer, a forward thinking company that utilizes technology to add value to each product while enhancing profits and extending the life of every product brand. In short, the Wind of Epiphany Media is the future of media.