10 Thoughts to Remove from Your MindHave you ever wondered how some people are able to overcome incredible adversity, while others remain stuck, defeated, and struggling to handle failure? There is a common thread between the “rags to riches” and underdog stories of victory. What’s the common thread? – A resilient spirit and ability to bounce back from failure. – A determination to learn and get better instead of getting bitter. A resilient person is tough, they don’t give up and they find ways to get through the obstacles they face. Whatever you are going through, you have the option of whether to give up and give in, or to push through the pain and difficulty. If you don’t have the grit and resiliency you would like, it is because your “thoughts” are leaving you filled with resistance, fear, judgment, or doubt. Notice what keeps you from persevering and staying committed to your dreams. It’s your thoughts, isn’t it? Fortunately you can learn to think in ways that help you persevere and never give up! It’s time to think more optimistically, focus on learning and growth, and look for opportunity instead of problems. It’s time to stop the failure thinking, and start thinking and living like a winner. Here are some thoughts to avoid so you can transcend the hell out of failure. 1. “I already know everything I need to know.” Often the most stubborn people struggle with failure and setbacks. When we assume we already know everything there is to know it makes it difficult to understand why we aren’t succeeding.

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