The Venidad

10. ‘And he who should set that man at liberty, when bound in prison11, does no better deed than if he should cut a man’s head off his neck.

15. Ahura Mazda answered: It is the Bird named which ill speaking people call Kahrkatas O holy Zarathushtra! the Bird that lifts up his voice against the mighty Ushah

23. And then the holy Sraosha wakes up the Bird named Parodarsh, which ill speaking people call Kahrkatas, and the Bird lifts up his voice against the mighty Ushah:

28. And whosoever will kindly and piously present one of the faithful with a pair of these my Parodarsh Birds, a male and a female, O Spitama Zarathushtra! it is as though he had given a house with a Hundred columns, a thousand beams, Ten thousand large windows, Ten thousand small windows.

29. And whosoever shall give meat to one of the faithful, as much of it as the body of this Parodarsh Bird of mine, I, Ahura Mazda, need not interrogate him twice he shall directly go to Paradise.