Tap In To Your Intuition: Part 1I’ve always been a dreamer. I’m not talking about the type John Lennon sings about. I’m talking about actual dreams of the night variety. And they’re always vivid. So much so that I could wake up and tell my mum (and now my husband) every detail of the dream from what happened and what colour things were to what the person said to me word-for-word. Many times, I’ve woken myself up sobbing or with a pounding heart. My husband told me that, last week, I woke him up because I was laughing at something in my sleep. My mum’s always told me how ‘in tune’ I must be. But I didn’t know what exactly I was in tune with. Last month, I rang a friend and told her about a dream I had about the relationship that she’s in. I was kinda-not-really surprised to hear her say I’d dreamed exactly what was going on for her, privately. It made me think about what this thing I must be ‘in tune’ with actually was. I thought back to this one time when intuited that a colleague was pregnant, a month before she’d told people. And the time when I felt a family member’s engagement coming at precise time.

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