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Tap Into Your Intuition: Part 2Lately, I’ve been feeling a massive pull to become more in touch with my intuition and that feminine power within me. I’ve been thinking about myself more as a women, rather than a daughter, employee or any other role. I’ve always known there’s something within that makes being a woman special, powerful, maybe a little bit mystical. It seems like, especially in the past 2 weeks or so, my intuition’s been screaming out for me to listen more closely (you can read more about that in Part 1, here). But the thing that I’ve noticed is that finding your intuition is one thing, but trusting it is entirely another. Once you’ve gotten in touch with your intuition, you start to feel things you can’t see. And that can be a little scary. It makes you get in your own head and start questioning. ‘Did I imagine that?’, ‘Can I really feel that or is my body playing tricks on me?’ and ‘Is that my intuition or my brain, making up things because I want to see them’. You wonder if that really is a Sign or if you’re just interpreting it that way because you want it to mean something. I’ve often felt like I think I can feel something but I don’t want to articulate it, in case it turns out I was wrong. Then people would think all this ‘intuition’ stuff really is a heap of…well, you know what. And, worse, maybe I wouldn’t trust my intuition again. And then what sort of woman would I be? So this week, I was emailing the gorgeous and wise Elle Griffin. When I first came across Elle’s site, something in me recognised something in her. She’s a natural fertility specialist and runs her own successful coaching business, so I knew I could learn so much from her. After a few emails back and forth, Elle told me she felt like I did – that we were being called to work together. So we had a lovely Skype chat yesterday and, within 30 minutes, I had signed up for 6 months as Elle’s apprentice! As well as all the juicy natural fertility info and business mentor-ship, what excites me most about Elle’s apprenticeship is the spiritual perspective she has on fertility and womanhood. She believes, as I do, that our emotions play a huge part in our health as women. But more than that, she is so in tune with, what she calls, the divine feminine. At the moment, that means our intuition. But I can feel there’s more to it. And I can’t wait to discover what that is – in general and in me. My intuition lead me to Elle, who articulated so much of what I was feeling and looking for. She can teach me more about my intuition and so much more. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is ‘the more you trust your intuition, the more it will prove itself trustworthy’.

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