Oil and acrylic on Canvas. 1998
By the inhabitant
If we are feeling pain and isolation, we have created a division between ourselves and the pain.

We have created a situation where there is the ‘self’ – and there is the pain – two separate things.
The self does not want to experience something, so it feels pain because ‘what was’ and ‘what is’ and ‘what should be’ cannot be joined together.

This is an illusion that is very difficult to step outside of and see. We might see it logically in our minds or in words, but to solve it truly and experience the solving of it, is much harder.

But once the experience that is causing the pain is accepted and brought into the self, no longer separated from the self but seen AS the self, then the pain disappears.

So we have to ask ourselves… did this ‘self’ really exist in the first place? What is the worth of a sense of self, if it brings us pain and keeps us in it?

To bring the pain and the self into one state without separation requires total silence. The mind must be silenced completely and the pain must be embraced completely also, not run from in any way, neither pyschologically nor physically. If we completely embrace this pain in complete mental silence… it must vanish – for at that moment it must be seen to be a creation of the mind.

If we dont venture into this exploration, then we simply cry “I feel pain!” and it never goes any further than this. Then either the pain continues, or is eventually repressed or forgotten about as one becomes distracted through life’s ongoing experiences. It is never really solved and the situation will repeat until it is understood.

By the inhabitant