How Your Mind Sabotages Your Life and How to Stop It – Tiny Buddha>

“What we see is mainly what we look for.” ~Anonymous

A few weeks ago, my aunt was visiting for a family holiday. I hadn’t seen her in a few years so we were catching up, talking about life, and talking about the projects we were each working on.

“So I’m still working on my PhD dissertation,” she said. “It’s really exhausting, you know, having five kids and doing my PhD all while working. It’s just exhausting.”

“And the problem is that these professors are constantly approving or denying my thesis subjects, so I’ll begin to research it and then they tell me I need to switch. It’s like all these people are against me.”

“We’ve also got some debt from our last house that I lost in the divorce and I’m still trying to manage that while….”

She went on for about 15 minutes, without me even being able to say a word, until her husband finally came in and said:

“Karen, stop gettin’ in your own way, will ya? The way you talk is enough to give a sane person a nervous breakdown.”

And that’s when it clicked. The Secret Enemy Sabotaging Our Lives Have you ever gone into a job interview and then couldn’t stop replaying the mental image of yourself messing up? (Like telling yourself, “There are tons of more qualified candidates. I don’t know how they’ll find me….”)

Have you ever changed how you treated someone based on what they looked like, before you even knew them? (Like a random salesman coming up to your door?) Have you ever gotten upset at your spouse over something that, as it turns out, was entirely in your head? (Like blaming her/him for a mess, when it turns out it was the kids?)

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