Art by jiashu xu © 

Sheridan felt himself racing toward the heavenly radiance when suddenly he arose from his watery tomb into an enormous cave.

Gasping for air, he looked across the cavern to where a stunning luminescent waterfall cascaded hundreds of feet downward to the shore of a lake. The light from the waterfall shone across the lake and to the edge of a ruined city. The City of Shambhala!

It was a startling sight. There, just beyond the lake’s gleaming waves, stood an abandoned heaven, at once beautiful and desolate, horrifying and awe-inspiring: a supernatural light captive to an eternal darkness. A kinship of sadness struck Sheridan’s heart at the sight of the lost Eden. Cobblestone sidewalks fed between ancient buildings of stone and timber that led into the massive cave. And there, on the lake’s shore, with an open bag at his feet and a lantern in each hand, stood Kunchen.

“Welcome to Shambhala!”

Art by Cornelia Kopp aka AlicePopkorn