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An Interview with Michael Bernard Beckwith

Perhaps you’ve felt it before: the unmistakable sense of a power larger than yourself working through you. According to Michael Bernard Beckwith, this is no less than the evolutionary impulse of the universe, awaiting your realization of its expression as your life. To help us on the journey, Beckwith created the transformational inner technology he calls “The Life Visioning Process.” We talked to this featured teacher from The Secret about the new audio-learning course in which he shares this breakthrough practice.

Sounds True: Many people are fascinated with the idea of using the power of our consciousness to get what we want. But on Life Visioning, you say that life is more about “letting than getting.” Can you explain?

Michael Bernard Beckwith: What I teach is that 100% of all spiritual growth, development, and unfoldment is about letting go of the limiting thought forms, ideas, and perceptions that inhibit the flow of life from expressing through us. We’ve been enculturated, particularly in our high-tech, low-touch society, into getting, acquiring, hording, rather than letting go. But when an individual begins to really let go of the false thoughts and beliefs that don’t serve them, then, paradoxically, their powers to manifest increase.

For instance, we live in a field of plentitude. There’s more than enough energy, more than enough of everything that we could want, hope for, desire already within us and within this vast universe. But some people have a belief of scarcity. Scarcity is just a belief. It’s not a reality. But people experience their belief about reality. And so as you begin to eliminate that belief of scarcity, of lack and limitation, as you let go of that, then you’re available to experience and reveal more in your life. So by letting go of something, you actually have a greater experience of life itself.

As you indicated, the buzzword is about manifestation now, and there’s nothing wrong with manifestation; we just have to understand it in its proper context. I teach how to stabilize the structures in your life—for example, mean the structure around finances and having all your needs met. That is a structure to be stabilized so that you can then deliver your gift on the planet. You can then become more yourself.

If a person makes their entire life about manifesting and getting it can become addictive because there’s never enough of “more.” A person can become lost in the cycle of acquisition and never discover the gifts of the soul that are to be delivered before we leave this incarnation. So learning the law of manifestation has its place to develop a platform by which we get to go into greater self-discovery and the sharing and distributing of our gifts.

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