You’ve all heard the story about the hard partier/drug addict/junk-food-lover who turned their life around by adopting a healthy diet and meditation practice. These stories are amazing and inspiring, but they are not mine. In fact, my story is quite the opposite.

When I was 22, I started learning about veganism, spirituality, and personal growth. I was absolutely in awe, and over the next five years, I covered it all: raw food, chakras, yoga, ayahuasca, sound healing,

, tantra, a Vipassana silent retreat, Kundalini—you name it, I tried it. I bought the juicer and the crystals and the podcasts and oracle cards and I went to reiki appointments and psychics and energy healers and EFT sessions. I dove in headfirst and became a total self-help junkie.

At first, it was exhilarating, and I couldn’t get enough of it. Learning about energy and the subconscious mind fascinated me in a way that nothing else ever had. I wanted to attain this transcendent state that I was reading about, and I committed myself to a spiritual path.

After a while, though, it stopped feeling fun, and it just started feeling like an awful lot of work. I was on a constant quest to fix myself, and not only did it feel endless, but it also wasn’t making me very happy. I devoted hours upon hours to analyzing my birth chart, my past lives, my subconscious beliefs, and on and on in some vain attempt to be a better, happier person.



Experience the Music and Wisdom of Shambhala: You Are Not Alone

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