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Parker Palmer: The Rosa Parks Moment & The Necessity of Powerlessness

Humans have an innate desire for their lives to count for something… something greater than just producing and consuming goods and services. People are looking for meaning and purpse, a cause to engage in, and a way to make a difference. Yet when humans begin to try to find something that matters, something that lines up with their passions, something that is important, it doesn’t always work out very well. Any good person who tries to engage in the fight for justice runs the risk of being used by cynical people and manipulated by powers we cannot understand or discern.

Parker Palmer talks about a “Rosa Parks Moment,” in this short clip. This is a moment, “Where an apparently powerless person… says, ‘I hold the truth on the inside that has power, and the truth is that I’m a full human being with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereunto, and I am no longer going to collaborate with a system that treats me as less than a full human being.”


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